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How to Create a Coastal Beachhouse Aesthetic: Embrace Indoor-Outdoor Living

Transforming your home into a coastal beachhouse retreat allows you to enjoy the relaxing and breezy atmosphere reminiscent of a beachside getaway. In this article, we'll explore how to create a beachhouse aesthetic that promotes an indoor-outdoor flow, with a focus on the living area, kitchens, and a touch of coastal charm in the bedroom. We'll provide inspiration for incorporating shells, macramé hanging flowers, hammocks, balcony swings, cool tones, and soft lighting, while avoiding clichés and embracing a modern and chic style.

1. Establishing an Indoor-Outdoor Vibe:

a. Living Area:

  • Incorporate natural elements such as driftwood, seashells, and woven textures to bring coastal charm into the living space.

  • Opt for light and airy curtains or blinds that allow natural light to filter in, creating a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Choose comfortable furniture with clean lines, using materials like rattan or wicker for a beach-inspired look.

  • Introduce indoor plants to add a touch of greenery and enhance the natural ambiance.

b. Kitchens:

  • Keep the kitchen bright and open by using light-colored cabinetry, such as white or soft pastels.

  • Incorporate beachy accents like seashell-shaped knobs, coastal-inspired dishware, or woven placemats.

  • Create a focal point with a large window or glass doors that provide a view of the outdoor landscape.

  • Consider open shelving to showcase beach-themed decor and display coastal-inspired cookbooks.

2. Enhancing the Coastal Beachhouse Aesthetic:

a. Soft Lighting:

  • Incorporate soft, diffused lighting throughout the space using natural materials like rattan or wicker light fixtures.

  • Consider installing dimmer switches to create a cozy and relaxed ambiance during evenings.

b. Balcony Swings and Hammocks:

  • Install a balcony swing or hammock to create a tranquil outdoor space for relaxation and enjoying the coastal views.

  • Choose durable and weather-resistant materials for outdoor furniture to ensure longevity.

c. Avoiding Clichés:

  • Instead of surfboards, opt for coastal artwork or photography that captures the essence of the beach.

  • Focus on using subtle nautical touches, such as a striped throw pillow or a small piece of driftwood as a decorative accent.

d. A coastal touch in the bedroom:

  • Create a soothing coastal retreat by using a palette of cool tones, such as shades of blue, green, or sandy beige.

  • Choose bedding and curtains in light, breathable fabrics to evoke a breezy, beach-inspired feel.

  • Incorporate natural textures like jute or sisal rugs and add a few carefully selected coastal-inspired accessories, such as seashell-shaped candles or textured artwork.

Creating a coastal beach house aesthetic is all about using natural materials and textures, a fresh color palette and a seamless indoor-outdoor transition for that easy-breezy feel.

Conclusion: By following these tips, you can create a coastal beachhouse aesthetic that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living spaces. Embrace natural materials, soft lighting, and a minimalist approach to coastal decor to achieve a modern and chic atmosphere. Remember to incorporate personal touches and avoid clichés to make the space uniquely yours, bringing the serenity and charm of the beach to your home.

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